Cancer Sucks – My Story

I found out that I have breast cancer on December 17th about noon.  I wasn’t surprised. I was disappointed, then I became very angry.  The not so shameful truth is that I felt betrayed.  I don’t feel as if I’m being punished or tested.  I don’t believe in a God that punishes, and frankly I’ve been tested and while I may not have passed them all with flying colors or even a bit of grace that fact that I’m still around and kicking at 53 is a testament to something.

My thought on this blog is to chronicle this specific journey of my life.  It will be irreverent and I think funny (if only to me).

I’m hoping for daily updates – but that may not be possible.  I’m also not very shy.  If you want to know something ask.  I’ll answer if I want to.  Not being shy doesn’t mean revealing all.  Some things are personal and private and require protection.

Most Recent Entry

5 Months………

It's been FIVE count them 5 months since I last posted on this site.  So much has happened since then, so I'll just start telling the story. If you have wondered why I haven't posted it's because I was depressed. YES depressed.  I was done with my cancer treatment and...

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